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Looking for some affordable web or graphic design help during COVID? Let's Chat.

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I'm interested in helping local small businesses that are having a hard time during this pandemic. Whether you need a new website, updates to your current site, design of ads or flyers or posters ... Whatever would be best for YOUR business.

What about payment? Don't worry. First we will figure out how I can help. Then, if you want to go ahead, we can agree on a price and come up with a plan that works for you - payments set up in intervals, or delayed payment until business improves, or perhaps a trade of some kind. First and foremost, though, let's solve the biggest COVID-related problems facing your business, and we can worry about the rest later.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in discussing, please contact me below and we can chat. No pressure. No obligation. Just one small business doing it's part to help another through tough times.

Please tell me a little about what you need, or how you think I might best help your business. Not sure? Start by telling me a little about the biggest issue you're facing right now, and that can be the start of our conversation.

Thanks. I'll be in touch very soon!


Alison Cairns
Owner, Designer and Developer

My Mission

To provide exceptional support, as I combine your requirements with my creative techniques, to bring your project to life ...

... with the minimum amount of stress for you.

(I'm the human. You're the cat.)