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Squarespace Makeover

Using available website builders can be a great way to build your own website. But what happens when it doesn't look quite the way you wanted?

I was contacted by some members of Connections First, who completed a study on the impact of natural supports and a naturally supportive community on the growth and development of children between the ages of 6 and 18. They had a website built to share their findings, but were concerned that it felt a little too institutional, and wasn't as easy for people to navigate as they had hoped.  They were looking for assistance with layout and photo changes, to make an impact on the look and functionality of their site.

By changing some photos, adding a slider and some components to help guide visitors to information about the study, their findings, a guide and other resources, we were able to completely change the look and flow of the website. We also added a dedicated downloads page, making it easy for visitors to find all of the downloadable resources provided to them.

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