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Small Business Directory

The majority of my clients are female entrepreneurs and small businesses based in and around Edmonton, Alberta. If you like to shop local, please consider supporting one of these wonderful businesses.

As someone who has been trying harder to shop local and support small businesses this past year, it suddenly occurred to me that my own list of clients covers a wide range of businesses, from photography to catios, event planning to hypnotherapy, scented candles to donairs, piano lessons to personal trainers ... and so many more.

To celebrate all their different services and products, I have created my own small business directory, featuring my own clients who offer goods and services. If you are looking to shop local, please see if one of these businesses might be a good fit.

I did notice that my group is lacking representation in some sectors, so if you happen to know a butcher, baker, other enterprising entrepreneur who is looking for a new site to launch or grow their business, please do point them my way! I would love to add new small businesses to my directory.